The Dreaded B Word: BURPEES!

A show of hands, who enjoys doing burpees? Let’s see, that will be … no one. Burpees are a tough sell: The exercise is no fun, you feel awkward when you are doing them, and you can easily question if any gain from the burpee is worth the pain.

Danielle Zicki, a writer for Runner’s World, makes a compelling case for why we should integrate burpees into our exercise routines. In her article “I Did 30 Burpees For 15 Days and Here’s What Happened” , Ms. Zicki highlights the positive physical changes she saw in short period of time. Those changes included:

  • Improved running
  • Gained more energy
  • The exercise got easier (strength and stamina improved)
  • Felt powerful!

After completing a challenging 15-day routine, I think we would all feel powerful. And how long does take to complete 30 burpees? 10 minutes when you first start your routine? Maybe 5 minutes? Your speed will vary, but my point is that the time it takes to complete the daily round of 30 will be negligible when compared to the gains you will see.

To read more about Danielle Zicki’s experience with her 15 day burpees challenge, check out her article on Runner’s World here.


2 thoughts on “The Dreaded B Word: BURPEES!

  1. I added 30 burpees to today’s exercise routine, and I was quickly reminded that I have not completed a burpee in quite awhile. I felt awkward at first, but did get into a rhythm. I broke the 30 burpees into 3 sets of 10, and instead of waiting between sets, I moved to 30 squats, then 20 crunches, then back to burpees. So, all told, 30 burpees, 90 squats, and 60 crunches. I also did some side crunches and a 60 second plank. A decent quick workout.


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