Why This Site?

I will argue that there is no site out on the market dedicated to providing thoughtful and realistic information to the everyday athlete. Today, we are constantly being hit from several angles with a deluge of information on “Eat this, don’t eat that”, “Diet this way, not that way, or “Here is the best exercise for you, ignore yesterday’s advice”. It is head-spinningly confusing and it is no wonder that when it comes to understanding health, most people throw up their hands, ignore all prudent advice, and just do what feels good.

Here is an example of the why health information can be confusing; After my last marathon (I’ve run three), I weighed in at 205lbs. The Body Mass Index (BMI) registered me as being “obese”. “Obese” isn’t exactly the word I use to describe someone who has finished a marathon. But the BMI doesn’t take into consideration body types and if you see my legs, you’ll see the muscle and note the bulk of my weight.

And yet, confusing information like this is rarely put into the proper context, and that is what I plan to do with this site.

My commitment to the readers:

  1. Any article being written that has health or fitness advice, that advice will be cited to someone with an expertise in that given field. No more wondering about the quality of advice being given to you in a health article.
  2. I will always provide a measure of context to the articles. For instance, if a health article extols the virtues of coffee, I will be sure to add context such “limit the sugar and cream”, or I quantify the advice with “limit to three cups per day”.
  3. This site will be body type positive. There will be articles here focused on helping people lose weight because there are readers who legitimately need to lose weight. BUT, I will not tell the readers they have to have a certain idealized body. No, I want readers to have “their body”, the body they were born with which is the right body for them.

The Wide-Body: Health, Fitness, and Food, for the everyday athlete.

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