Garlic: Your Delicious Partner In Fight Against Colds

Who likes garlic in their food? (My hand is raised high) If you like garlic in your food and you are looking for a way to boost your immunity before we get into the heart of Cold Season, I have some exciting news for you!

In a 12 week study, study participant were given a garlic supplement during the November-February Cold Season. Results concluded that those receiving the garlic supplement had a reduced number of colds by 63% (when compared to the placebo group) and the length of cold symptoms was reduced by 70%, from 5 days in the placebo group to 1.5 days in the garlic group. (1)

There is a lot of goodness right here!

In another study using an aged garlic extract supplement in the does of 2.56 grams per day (about the size of one clove of garlic) concluded that the use of the aged garlic extract reduced the number of days sick as related to the cold or flu by 61%. The study further concludes the reason for this is because certain bioactive compound found within garlic positively modify and strengthen immune cells in the human body. (2)

I did not find any studies to suggest that garlic keeps away vampires. But, it doesn’t hurt to keep a few strings around your neck, just in case. 😊

Maybe Dracula won’t look so pale if he ate some garlic?


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elephant garlic, just before it blooms


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