11 Reason You May Be Gaining Weight (and didn’t know it)

The dreaded “COVID 19” has taken on meaning other than the virus that has shut down the globe. Another meaning alludes to the amount of weight some folks have put on while they have locked themselves away during the pandemic. Fortunately, most folks are taking action to address their weight gain. And just as likely, some folks are finding out that losing that weight isn’t as easy as they thought it should be.

What is going on? Why is it difficult to lose weight? What changed?

The folks at WebMD put together a really good list of reasons as to why you may be finding it difficult to lose weight. Below are the highlights, but check out the article here: https://www.webmd.com/diet/ss/slideshow-weight-gain-shockers

1.Lack of Sleep: You stay up late, you are likely to snack. Lack of sleep also raises hormone levels, causing you to feel hungry.

2. Stress: Have you felt a little stressed lately? I don’t know why? I mean, your whole has likely been turned upside down. The kids are always home, you are always home, you can’t see family or friends, and all your activities have been shuttered. Why do you feel stressed? (I really need a sarcasm font)

3. Antidepressants: Yep, this is a side effect of taking antidepressants. Talk to your doctor is you believe they are adding to your weight gain.

4. Steroids: Anti-inflammatory steroids can cause water retention and increased appetite.

5. Prescription Drugs: Anti-psychotic, high blood pressure, diabetes, as well as drugs for migraines and seizures are linked to weight gain.

6. “The Pill”: Weight gain from estrogen/progestin combination pills are temporary.

Uhm, this one is obvious

7. Hypothyroidism: This condition can make you feel tired and weak, slowing your metabolism, thus leading to weight gain.

8. Menopause: You may see some weight gain due to hormonal issues, but most of the weight gain is likely due to slowing metabolism. Staying active keeps your metabolism active.

9. Cushing’s Syndrome: Are you experiencing weight gain in the neck and upper back? This could be Cushing’s Syndrome, a condition where the body over produces the hormone cortisol.

10. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: This is a condition common for women of childbearing age, and this hormonal imbalance can make women insulin resistant, thus gaining weight.

11. Quitting Smoking: Yes, you should quit smoking. Yes, you will likely gain some weight. BUT, the weight will likely go away in a few weeks. Your eating is an addiction coping mechanism that eventually goes away.

this is a good place to start asking questions

Bottom line, if you are gaining weight and you are finding it difficult to lose the weight, talk to your doctor. Some of the conditions mentioned here will need the expertise of a doctor to diagnose and treat. If you doctor gives you a clean bill of health, he/she can readily recommend a number of best practices to help you lose the weight can you to a healthy place.

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