6 Alcoholic Drinks For When You’re Dieting

Hallelujah!!! And thank Cooking Light for this helpful information about alcoholic drinks!

Are you watching your waistline, yet still want to have a drink or two? Do you have tailgate plans for the weekend, and they include some alcohol? Do you have drinks at the soon to come holiday parties, which will soon be here?
No need to despair as Cooking Light put together this helpful list, and I just learned something new about gin!

What out for the sugar in those cocktail mixers!

The Lowest Calorie Alcohols to Drink on a Diet
-Gin (1 Β½ ounces): 38 calories
-Champagne (4 ounces): 80 calories
-Vodka (1 Β½ ounces): 97 calories
-Tequila (1 Β½ ounces): 97 calories
-White Claw (12 ounces): 100 calories
-Cabernet (5 ounces): 122 calories

Mixers to Drink on a Diet:

-Diet soda
-Diet tonic water
-Club soda
-Zero-calorie flavored sparkling water

Data via via the USDA Nutrient Database: https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/fdc-app.html#/food-details/344524/nutrients


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