Home Exercise Equipment Recommendations

You want to exercise at home, but you need some basic equipment. You could shop at the sporting goods store, but you don’t have hours to spend driving to the store and attempting to make heads or tails out of whether the equipment you are buying is of value. This is why the Wide-Body is here to help you

I did some research, looking for products that will work well at home and you can easily purchase online. Most of this equipment can be delivered within two business days, thus saving you the inconvenience of going to a sporting goods store. Below are some products that have been featured in various video that you’ll want for your home exercise use.

Exercise Matts

If you are stretching, doing yoga, or various core exercises where you are lying on the floor, you will enjoy having a little extra cushion as well as having something to sweat on other than your carpet.
Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat: Non-slip, 72″ X 24″ X 1″, multiple colors to choose from

– Gruper Thick Yoga Mat: Non-slip, 72” x 32” x 0.4”, multiple colors to choose from

WWWW TPE Yoga Mat Body Alignment Line: non-slip, 72”x24”x .25”, multiple colors to choose from

Resistance Bands

Some of the benefits of resistance bands are:

1. Easily portable

2. Easy to store

3. You can easily adjust the amount of resistance to fit your needs.

– bodylastics: Nice feature with these bands is the anti-snap feature. Some folks worry that if the elastic on a resistance band breaks, it will cause injury. The bodylastics bands have a patented safety feature to prevent such a thing from happening.

– GoFit ProGym Extreme: Nice feature here is the ability to stack more weight onto these bands than other competitors, and equipment is more rugged, thus giving you a longer life.

Tribe Fitness: These bands also have an anti-snap promise, plus additional guides on how to properly use your bands in various exercises.

Body Weight Exercise Books

Here are a list of books that feature several exercise routines, they are well referenced, and the books are highly rated. You should find the details in these books to be helpful.

Bodyweight Workouts for Men is a step-by-step guide to one of the hottest fitness trends that truly gets results. Created specifically for men, the workouts in this book can be done anywhere, anytime—gravity and body weight are all guys need.

The 100 No Equipment Workouts Book is for everyone who wants to stay active, get fit, build muscle tone and/or shed extra weight in the home environment without acquiring any extra equipment. Be in complete control of your fitness. No more worrying about the right equipment, the right attire, finding a gym, or finding the space or time to exercise.

Bodyweight Strength Training helps you through the heavy lifting with fully illustrated guides to high-impact exercises. Shed fat as you build your leg, arm, abdominal, and back muscles over the course of a 12-week strength training program.

And when you can get back to the gym, here are some additional books you may enjoy.

Strength Training Over 40: A 6-Week Program to Build Muscle and Agility

Muscle mass and strength are key to maintaining mobility, metabolism, and hormone balance as you get older. Whether you’re looking to jump back into a strength training routine, or this is your first time trying it out, Strength Training Over 40 makes it easy and safe to do at any age.

Start the next stage of your life strong with a comprehensive 6-week strength training program that guides you through building and maintaining total-body strength, so you can keep doing the things you love to do for years to come. You’ll find illustrated exercises and stretches, complete with step-by-step instructions and weekly home and gym workout routines that put all the moves together.

Weight Training for Women: Exercises and Workout Programs for Building Strength with Free Weights

No matter your age or fitness level, Weight Training for Women is your guide to building strength with free weights. Jumping into a new lifting routine can seem intimidating, but this body-positive book does the heavy lifting for you (pun intended), by walking you through the basics of developing a weightlifting program that helps you get stronger and healthier on your own terms.