Are You Ready To Start Fermenting Food?

This week, we focused on gut health and the food that would promote gut health. Some of the more adventurous foodies may be considering making your own sauerkraut, kimchi, or kombucha. If you want to start making these foods at home, I’ve chosen the below list of recipes because their instructions were easy to follow.

Sauerkraut Recipes:

Taste of Home: Sauerkraut is surprisingly simple to make, and this recipe highlights that all you really need are two ingredients; cabbage and salt. The use of caraway seeds is traditional in Bavarian sauerkraut recipes.

Pioneer Woman: I like this recipe for two reasons; 1. She makes a small batch of sauerkraut which better suits some people and 2. Her step by step pictures are helpful

Eating Well: Eating well consistently delivers top notch recipes and they also provide a lot of nutritional information

Kimchi Recipes:

The Kitchn: Really good details about how kimchi is made, the different types of kimchi, as well as a video in which you can follow along as you make your kimchi.

Feasting At Home: beautiful pictures, easy to follow video, and tips on the different types of ingredients you can use in your kimchi.


Delish: This page does a nice job of delving into the details of what is kombucha, and helps direct you on how to develop the “mother” needed to create kombucha

 If you want to learn more about the benefits of fermenting, the folks at Livestrong have put together a really nice article detailing the health benefits of fermented foods.


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