Go Ahead. Have Another Cup of Joe!

Do you love your coffee? If you are like most Americans, your answer is probably a resounding “YES!”. According to 2015 survey by Zagat’s, nearly 90% of Americans drink coffee, and those who drink, consumer approximately 2.1. cups a day. Let’s see; if we do the math on this correctly… 90% of Americans is 283.5M people, multiply by 2.1 cups is…. 595.35M cups a day! (Maybe I should invest in a coffee shop) Multiply that number by 365 days, and … whoa! That is 217 BILLION cups of coffee consumed by Americans each year. (I definitely need to invest in a coffee shop) But, how many of you coffee consumers worry that coffee may have a negative impact on your health?

Worry no more caffeinated brethren, because coffee has some health benefits! According to a study found within the British Medical Journal, coffee was not found to be associate with most of the deadly diseases we associate with our modern society. Those diseases I’m refereeing to are cardiovascular disease, and incidence of cancer, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, and diabetes. Other studies have shown that coffee is a mood enhancer, and when you extrapolate that mood enhancement to the knowledge that people who in a positive mood are considered to have longer and more positive lives, the consumption of coffee should be celebrated!

Well, as with all things, devil is in the details. Before you double fist your next cup of Joe, you need to consider how much sugar and cream you are adding to your favorite morning brew. The results in the BMJ note the benefits of black coffee. Sugar and cream can add unwanted calories and weight that most of us don’t want, not to mention the future unhealthy results.